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Louise Lewis
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No Experts Needed:
The Meaning of Life According to "Bikers"

(a.k.a., The “Biker” Book for Charity)


Thank you for stopping by to learn about The “Biker” Book for Charity. While you’re here, let me tell you about this wonderful book and a bit about me.

This book is dedicated to you. That’s right! The “Biker” Book for Charity is dedicated to the motorcycle community.

I’ve been given the unique opportunity to spend time interviewing you. Whether it was during coast-to-coast bike rallies or here in my own backyard, you’ve shared your heart and soul with me. And now I’m blowin’ your cover. I’m telling the whole world that the motorcycle community is a bunch of big-hearted, loving, charitable folks.

Now, of course, you already know how wonderful you are. But my role here is to share your voice with everyone who will listen. And together, we can get a lot of folks to listen!


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It's simply my way of 'giving back'... And it started with the kids....

While volunteering during a riding club’s annual toy run at my local children's hospital, I had the honor of witnessing a heart-wrenching interaction between a sick little boy and a “biker dude”. The touching moment left me in tears and inspired to dedicate a book to this community for its charitable heart.

Since the book was 'born' at a kid’s hospital, I am, therefore, donating my net proceeds to kids' charities. I will also donate my time and services to help groups that resell the book to raise money for their own charities of choice.


This is not a self-help or how-to manual. In fact, it's not even a book about motorcycles. It is simply a collection of 'meaning of life' answers and stories from motorcycle riding "regular folks”, corporate ‘suits’, and Hollywood celebrities who are not afraid to share with others what they have learned (so far) about (their) meaning of life.

At the end of the day, don't we all just want to be heard? And during these tough times, many folks could sure use a few words of encouragement.

The purpose of the "biker" book is to be used as a fund raising tool to aid the motorcycle community's tireless efforts in supporting various charities. And the Spirit behind the book is believing that one person can make a difference.


Well, I have a confession: I am not a part of your community. That means, I don’t ride. So why have I devoted the past four years (almost 24/7) dedicating a book to you? It’s simple: I believe in giving back…just like you do! And the more I learn about your charity efforts, the more you inspire me!

Another reason I’m writing this book is to remind folks that when we take the time to peek behind a person’s mask (usually worn to keep the world at bay), we find the path to their heart and soul. And when taken, this path leads us on one hell of an adventure. Take it from me!

And one of the most important reasons for writing the book: I promised the kids at the hospital that I would do my very best to help them. (And when you make a promise to kids, there is no going back.)

To learn more about me, just snoop around my web site. Read the Excerpt on my first book. Listen to my radio interviews. Read my first book TODAY for only $6 (click here).

You’ll soon learn that I am the real deal and I’m here to help.

Comments or questions? E-mail me at: louise@noexpertsneeded.com


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No Experts Needed:
The Meaning of Life According to "Bikers"

(a.k.a., The “Biker” Book for Charity)

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Thank you!

Live it. Ride it. Mean it!



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