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Reader Testimonials

Hello Louise.

I'm an avid reader of Dr. Wayne Dyer's books so this morning I visited a
site about him and found a link to your book. I've just read an excerpt from
your book and intend on getting a copy from the local book store.

It's been a strange few months, 4 family members have passed away and I am
currently unemployed, my teaching opportunity ended last December. I have
been questioning myself as to what it all really means.

I know that we have to re-align with Spirit/God to fully experience life and
that for most of us that seems too wishy washy to even consider. I can just
hear some friends and family laughing at that thought. I also know that to
be part of the rat race is not the only way, it doesn't feel right to accept
that, yet almost everyone I know is consumed with that way of being.

I'm currently putting the pieces together so I too can contribute
meaningfully, starting my new chapter I guess!

Reading your book may well be a stop along the way to renewing my faith and
giving me hope in staying the course.

Keep well. Everything of the best.


That was an amazing book. I actually finished reading it several days ago. I found it intriguing, thoughtful, and interesting. The depth of the writings were such that you wanted to read more, to continue to the end of each one to see what they were thinking about...whatever it was at the time they were going through it. When I get a job (still looking and trying to have a home business because I work better from home I think), I will actually purchase it. That is my promise to you. Keep writing, keep searching and let yourself be found too...don't know why I wrote that last part but hopefully it will resonate with you in a wonderful way! I will also email Oprah and tell her I loved it....


Hi Louise,
I'm not sure that you will read this, but it's life---it's worth a chance. Reading the story of your father, mother, brother and two sisters was truly amazing and all too familiar. I, too, have a brother and two sisters and could completely relate to your relationships...Wow! The similarities to my family are a bit eerie---and sends a message from somewhere beyond that I was meant to read this book....in this moment...at this time in my life....

Thank you Louise, for re-opening my spirit.... it's time for me to be set free!!!!! I'm still reading......looking forward to it!

Erin C.

Hey Louise,
I'm addressing you with a "hey" because I have just finished reading your book and I feel that I know you, btw..thanks so much for the free copy. Your book
came to me at the perfect time in my life when I needed it. You speak my language and I can identify with every word. I have not lost my job but I'm
losing my house and I can truly tell you that I feel blessed by that...crazy eh? Actually, I know you will understand. Many, many thanks to you for helping me
through this difficult time in my life...I feel so alive and so grateful for all my many blessings. I know that Spirit has been with me the whole time and I'm
now learning to listen...Thank you Louise!!! I hope that you found that special someone... you so deserve that...

Lola N.

Dear Louise,

Firstly, I truly believe that your dropping by my blog was in itself God's design. I was delighted to see your comment, as well as the link to your book.

While I was expecting only to receive a chapter of your book, I did not expect to get the entire book. I had looked up your great reviews on Amazon and was actually planning to get the book after reading parts of your book. You are heaven-sent!

It is no coincidence that our paths crossed. I had been a corporate executive until I decided to retire completely to take care of my young kids. But in 2007, I landed a part-time job as a consultant. However, just this December 2008, the company I was working with decided to do away with all their consultants in 2009. While I knew my job was project-based, the abruptness of their decision caught me by surprise.

While looking around and figuring out "What's next?" in my life, I plan to resume my yoga (I have been taking yoga since 2006 but abandoned it due to work last October). Yoga has allowed me to look at the joys and adversities of life from a different pair of eyes and I know that everything that happens, happens by God's design. That is why I am convinced that your dropping by my blog was no accident.

I am so looking forward to devouring and internalizing your book. Thank you so much, Louise, for choosing to give this away. Even if I am far away on the opposite side of the world from where you are (Manila, Philippines), I pray that what I cannot repay you in person will be given you by others a thousandfold.

And thanks for allowing me to share this file with friends. I know of at least two who will benefit from this greatly.

Wishing you an even greater Spirit-led life,
Jane U.

Dear Louise,

Trust you are well and happy J

Thank you very much for sending me your wonderful book. It meant a lot to me to read the pages about your dad as I lost my own father last December. To learn that my father is still around somewhere and sending me his love and best wishes just made me sob today Ė something I have not yet managed to do since the day after his passing!

Thank you again. Love and gratitude.

Arvind D.

Hi Louise!

Thanks a tone for the link. Started reading your masterpiece and I must say that it's absolutely amazing! Love it... It's such a positive book that I could almost feel your energy through your words. Way to go!!!! :)

I will soon be posting about your wonderful book on my blog and I do appreciate if you could write a personalized note for my readers, so that I could include it in the post.

Thank you once again! :)

Dear Louise,
I wanted to send you a message because I am currently reading your book. I am sure you receive a lot of message about this, so I only hope that mine makes it
through to you.

First, I wanted to tell you that I came across your book online, and I am sure that it was by no accident. This is exactly the kind of thing my own spirit has needed at this juncture in my life. Your book has been speaking to me to me in a way that words canít express. Many of the thoughts and concepts are ones in which I have been pondering a lot lately. I know I am young, being only 24 and having graduated college about a year and Ĺ ago, but my biggest fear is that I am going to get caught up in this rat race ďlifeĒ and I wonít listen to my own spirit. I try to listen to it, but I canít help but fear moving in the direction that it tells me to. I guess, I feel as though Iím stuck in a bit of a rut, where I donít like my job, but I need it to pay my bills, and I think my ego gets in the way of me pursuing those things I really love.

In essence, I wanted to tell you that through your book, I have grown to greatly admire you. With your strength and your innate ability to listen to spirit, follow what itís telling you, and just the way that you are able to relate to people and speak to them on a deeper level. I want to thank you for sharing your experiences, what a gift from God that you have been given to share them with so many people who need to hear these messages. Iím sure it was not accident that I came across it when I did.

Again, thank you and if you have any advice for me in the way in which you learned to listen, and then pursuer I would love to received it!


I just graduated to another level in life after reading your personal experiences in life. You have taking me to another level in life and I cannot wait to start reaping the benefits. I always knew that God has a plan for our life and sometimes it takes a loss to find our calling. Yes! A higher ground has been prepared before me after being laid off on Jan 9th 2009 after twenty years of dedication and loyal service. My true passion now, is to taste and see what God has for me. Thank you Louise for keeping it real and allowing yourself to be a true inspiration. During times like theses you are a light.

Vanessa O.

Thank you for the new approach. My husband survived a job loss last April- and found a new job in July. However we were just told that the job that he has and the plant that he works at is closing. His last day is April 18.

This statement is what will help me survive and thrive during this period of time: "This is a new chapter in your life. WRITE ONE HELL OF A CHAPTER!" Thank you so much!
Lori S.

Dear Louise Lewis,

I'm surprised and at the same time more than happy to receive not only the book, but an e-mail from the author of the book and that too, not an automated message, but a manual message.

I'm no big representative of the human community, but being a part of the community, I'm grateful to you for your service to the humanity.
What happened to you when you were employed can happen to any one on earth. I personally think, it is not the situation which decides the course of action, but the response what you give to the situation.
I have heard a lot about your book, yet to read it end to end. The few pages I read, interested me more and I wanted to read the book in its entirety. Honestly speaking, I thought you would be sending me a link for couple of pages, table of contents etc., but you have proven me wrong with your generosity.

Yes. The world needs more true leaders like you. My sincere prayers are to GOD to give you good health, wealth, peace and prosperity.

Long live you and your service to the community.

Harish V

Hello Louise,
Thank you for sending me the gift of your book. Awesome is the word I would use. So courageous of you. Change, life is about changes, but as humans we resist change for our comfort zone. Most won't step out of the box unless forced by unforeseen circumstances, yet you jumped right in. You have reminded me that difficult times we fear are the exact things that help us
grow and go forward.

Receiving your book on saturday afternoon and finishing it sunday morning was such a gift of spirit lifting. I am not alone in the struggle and I thank you and my soul thanks you.



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